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Litlab’s’ Kidappolis: Lead Product Design

Family-focused education software for iOS and Android devices that brings together light educational testing paired with content discovery and actionable notifications that can help parents develop a roadmap to improving their child’s core skills in preparation for kindergarten and beyond. Read my case study.


Glassbreakers’ for Mentorship: Product Management and User Experience

Enterprise software for large companies. Enables underrepresented groups to find and connect with peer mentors using algorithms that take into account identities, communities, among other variables via a mobile friendly Rails-based web interface.


Fair Trade Certified’s Partner Portal: Product Management and User Experience

B2B software for large multinational brands. Enables supply chain managers to understand requirements for certification, report sales and purchases, register products, and gather insights into their supply chains via a LAMP-based web interface.


Fair Trade Certified’s Internal Data Management “Wrangler” Tool: Product Management and User Experience

Internal software. Enables internal teams the ability to QA automatically transformed submitted partner data into a standard Fair Trade recognized format. Built using Salesforce’s Lightning Design System. 


Summitbook: Founder and User Experience

Consumer software for athletes. Enables athletes of different disciplines the ability to create multi-layered trip and race reports, tying all of their athletic data and media in one place via a mobile and web application.


Twitter’s Notification Filtering and Controls: Product Management and User Experience

Consumer software for influencers. Enables Twitters users of the core application with high engagement more options for filtering interactions and mentions across all Twitter web and mobile clients.


Twitter’s Trending Influencers: Product Management and User Experience

B2B software for brands and influencers. Enables Twitter partners insights into the most popular Twitter users at a given point in time across multiple verticals via a web application.


Twitter’s Influencer App Explorations: Product Management and User Experience

Consumer software for influencers. Explored concepts that enabled Twitter users with high follower counts insights into audience and engagement. Also explored concepts that allowed said users to easily host their own Q+A sessions. Designs were for mobile and web devices.