Low-income and underserved children start kindergarten 12-14 months behind their peers in pre-literacy and language skills, and 1.8M are unprepared for kindergarten success when they begin school. To be on track for reading success by the key 3rd grade marker, all children must receive the literacy instruction and support to thrive.

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How to clearly measure and demonstrate progression of math and literacy skills

How to create and experience that is more than just a collection of children’s apps

 How to balance the needs of school and program administrators with that of parents

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Kidappolis is a multilingual interactive learning portal, accessible from any mobile device, that prepares under-resourced children for school success. It measures a child’s knowledge against age appropriate benchmarks, creates personalized learning plans that link to curated apps targeting their academic shortcomings, and measures progress toward goals, sharing details with families and adding key benefits by including child development tips, videos, and activities to support positive parenting and academic growth.

Version 1 Launched in October 2018 on iOS and Android

Role: Lead Product Designer and Product Manager

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